The Virginia Grand Military Band

The Virginia Grand Military Band is known for its rousing concerts, its charismatic conductor, and the excellence of its performances. It is widely recognized as one of the finest bands of its kind. Members of the VGMB are a veritable “Who’s Who” in the concert band world and bring to each performance an artistry and professionalism which have earned them accolades and praise throughout the world. The majority of VGMB band members are current or retired members of the premier Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine bands of Washington, DC. Other hand-selected musicians are outstanding wind and percussion artists who travel from as far as Florida and Colorado to perform with the band.

The Band performs music for the “Classic Concert Band,” both original and transcribed, which has stood the test of time and has become part of the living history of the American concert band. Not only is the music a part of this living heritage, but the interpretations are a result of over 20 years of research, study, and performance of this music by the band's conductor, Loras John Schissel.

Loras John Schissel and his Virginia Grand Military Band have made the music of my great-grandfather the hallmark of their concerts, and no conductor or band plays this thrilling music like Schissel and company. Come join this world-class band as it celebrates over 20 years of great music. As my great-grandfather used to say, “I dare you to keep your feet still."
John Philip Sousa, IV